About Us

About Us


Founded in 1975, the Southern Regional Testing Agency is at the forefront of current dental research, offering the most up-to-date content and setting for its clinical skills examination.

With 45 years of experience, SRTA continues to be a highly respected testing agency that remains advocating for modernizing dental technologies and pushes for further and better advancements in the dental industry. SRTA is not only innovative but is also known for working hand-in-hand with candidates, schools and state boards to ensure proper developments of the most reliable exam that assesses dental and dental hygiene clinical skills.

We retain our commitment to implementing new testing methodologies and providing licensure of the most well-prepared, highly trained dentists and dental hygienists.

SRTA began transitioning to a non-patient-based exam well before 2020 and utilized manikin testing on portions of the exam years prior. SRTA became one of the first agencies in the nation that had fully developed and beta-tested a complete manikin-based exam — partnering with Acadental, a dental model firm, to produce cutting-edge products that accurately mimic patients’ dental statuses and tooth anatomy to allow for proper assessment.

Helping to produce a community of skilled, modern dental professionals, SRTA offers the latest testing methodologies in a hands-on supportive environment with a focus on our candidates and their long-term success. We are dedicated to updating our tests annually, ensuring a modern examination that evolves with the most up-to-date research and thought in the industry.

State acceptance map

While SRTA is accepted in 75 percent of the United States, there are a few states that do not yet accept SRTA licensure. It remains at the discretion of each state to determine licensure acceptance

*After practicing in the field for five years, dental professionals are free to practice in any jurisdiction.


Choose the SRTA Exam

SRTA offers dental and hygiene schools information sessions, such as lunch and learns, free webinars, mock boards, patient pre-approvals in dental and pre-examination/overview presentations to best prepare you for success on your exam day. With SRTA, you will go into your exam with the tools and knowledge of the testing process you need to successfully obtain your dental or dental hygiene licensure.


Executive Director: Jessica Bui

Finance & Dental Administration: Suzanne Porter

Office Administrator: Kim Bui


Board of Directors:

President: Dr. Charles E. Holt, Jr. DDS

President Elect: Dr. Murtuza Ansari, DMD

Past President: Dr. Thomas G. Walker, DMD

Treasurer: Dr. Robert B. Hall, Jr., DDS

Secretary: Mrs. Jennifer Lamb, RDH, MPH

Alabama: Dr. Marshall A. Williams, DDS

Arkansas: Dr. Dwight D. Duckworth, DDS

South Carolina:

Tennessee: Dr. Katherine Hall, DDS

Texas: Dr. David H. Yu, DDS

West Virginia: Dr. Samuel V. Veltri, DDS

Dental Hygiene Board Representative: Sherie Barbare, RDH


SRTA is advancing dental education through innovation and modern testing practices. Our agency has a strong commitment to bringing safe, reliable licensure testing to dental and dental hygiene students.

SRTA and its leadership team assist our candidates in a multitude of ways, offering the highest level of exam preparation and support, including seminars, webinars and mock boards. We also offer a complimentary sectional retake of the dental or hygiene exam if a candidate is not initially successful on that section.

SRTA is committed to continuous improvement. We update our procedures regularly to ensure a thorough evaluation of our candidates’ hands-on clinical competencies and skills for today’s dental practice.

Our manikin exams allow for a better, more valid standard of testing and eliminate some of the many complications students face when preparing for their upcoming licensure exam. To continue to comply with state boards, schools and a candidate’s preferences, SRTA offers a complete manikin-based examination as well as our traditional live patient exam.

Dental Board Information & Licensure Requirements

Click on your state to retrieve a PDF with detailed information about your State's Laws and Rules.

*Information is subject to change. Please visit the respective state board's website for the most up-to-date information.