SRTA utilizes a 3rd party vendor to help process all online applications. Simply start a new application to fill out a simple profile.

Be sure to have:

  • A recent digital “headshot” of close proximity
  • A valid digital (scanned) copy of recent CPR certification
  • Proof of graduation

After you register and login to the online application your "Dashboard" will give indication of your current status.

A blue indicator with a checkmark such as this:
Indicates successful completion of a step.

A light red indicator with an exclamation mark alerts you to incomplete items on your application:

If the only red indicator on your profile is the validation indicator (seen just above), please allow up to one (1) week for SRTA to validate your profile. You will receive an email notice when this process has been completed.

Yes, the manuals contain the current guidelines for the examination. Information from a previous year may no longer be applicable.

No. SRTA no longer offers the jurisprudence examinations for member states.
Please contact the respective Board of Dentistry for the state where you are seeking licensure.

Refunds: Candidates who fail to appear for a scheduled examination will lose their entire examination fee unless SRTA has received written notification. Refunds will not be given for a patient’s failure to appear, non-acceptability of any patient or a candidate’s inability to secure patients for the examination. A $200 administrative processing fee will be deducted from the refund.

Any refunds requested prior to 3 weeks of the scheduled examination will result in:

75% refund - $200 Administrative Processing Fee

Any refunds requested within 3 weeks prior to the scheduled examination will result in:

50% refund - $200 Administrative Processing Fee

For candidates with a medical deferment, SRTA will retain the original fee and permit examination within 12 months. A physician’s statement must substantiate the deferment.

A university instruction letter will be available for download once the application for the examination has been processed. The instruction letter contains contact information for the school, materials supplied by the site and other useful instructions and information.

For questions regarding examination procedures, content, applications and test dates, the SRTA offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 4:30PM EST. Please see the Contact Us page for more details. If you prefer to email your questions, use [email protected] for questions relating to the dental examination, [email protected] for questions relating to the hygiene examination, and [email protected] for general questions. Questions concerning jurisprudence study materials, licensing, reciprocity and licensure by credentials should be directed to the appropriate State Board where licensure is sought. Questions regarding testing facilities and equipment should be directed to the appropriate test site.

The scores will be available online no later than the afternoon of the next business day following the examination. Simply use your registration username(email) and password to retrieve them. Additionally, you will be emailed notification of the posting of scores. SRTA does not send scores via email. Please do not call our office for your scores as our personnel are not authorized to release this information.

SRTA certifies a candidate's most recent examination scores for a period of five (5) years, however, acceptance of scores after this period is determined by the individual state boards of dentistry. Scores are automatically sent to each member state after each examination. For certification of your scores, please fill out a score card request form. Once you have filled out the form, mail it to SRTA with a money order or cashier’s check.

Yes, as long as you reexamine within the eighteen months after-the first section of the series is initiated.

You can view your errors by logging onto your profile and clicking on the 'Results' tab. The errors listed are in accordance to the error within the candidate manual. Example: Posterior Endodontics: Access Opening: Access Opening 3 & Access Opening 4. You will reference the section of the manual for Posterior Endodontics: Access Opening and under 'Unacceptable Criteria' along with the corresponding error number.