Hygienist Exam Prep

Find out more about SRTA’s  Hygiene Exam from Hygienist and Examiner from Jennifer Lamb


Exam overview

SRTA offers dental hygiene candidates the option of taking the traditional live patient-based examination or the newly developed and tested, complete manikin-based exam. Both exam styles adequately and reliably evaluate the hands-on clinical skills of the hygiene candidates. Candidates must check their state’s acceptance of these exams.

SRTA is a well-established licensing agency that administers its comprehensive clinical exam to determine if candidates are properly prepared to transition to the next level of their education processes through this trusted assessment.

SRTA will waive the cost of the retake of one section of the dental hygiene exam if the candidate is not successful in their initial exam.

SRTA’s dental hygiene licensing exam consists of:

  • Presenting radiographs that are diagnostic quality
  • Detecting all types of dental calculus and recognizing when a surface is free of calculus
  • Completing a partial oral prophylaxis while preserving the integrity of surrounding tissue
  • Completing a partial periodontal assessment by recording of periodontal pocket depths
  • Presenting an eligible patient and a case selection that meets all required criteria*

*Only required if candidate is not taking complete manikin-based exam.

The exam is judged by specific criteria and scored on a “Pass/Fail” basis. Successful completion of a section is contingent on a passing score of 75 or more of the specified criteria in all procedures.

Each candidate must furnish all necessary examination materials and instruments identified by the candidate’s SRTA number (assigned prior to the examination). They must also have chosen and vetted their live patient if not doing complete manikin-based examination. The candidate’s name or school information does not appear on any material. The examiners at all sites are experienced practitioners with diverse backgrounds. The examiners are calibrated and standardized prior to each examination and are evaluated to assure grading to established criteria.

On day one of the examination, candidates taking the complete examination are required to register prior to orientation and are expected to attend the orientation session/presentation where specific instructions for the exam will be given. An opportunity for questions and answers will be provided after the presentation is completed. Only candidates registered for the examination are permitted to attend the orientation session. Please direct your assistant and/or patients either to the clinical or waiting area. Candidates failing to attend the orientation session will not be given separate instructions